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Confederation Comment - PQQs - Money Making Scam?




PQQs - Money Making Scam?

Published 21st April 2017 

Is it not time that the Pre – Qualification money making scam is ended?

Not only do specialist contractors have to deal with late payments, reduced margins and not getting fully paid, they are forced to participate in a pre-qualification process which is incredibly time consuming, exorbitantly costly and completely unnecessary. The process thrives on duplication and is required by Main Contractors to keep specialist contractors on their Approved Contractor lists. So, why don’t Main Contractors get together and develop forms/processes that are acceptable to all? Sounds simple, well yes, it is, if there was a will to do it. Of course, the more intuitive question would be, will Main Contractors willingly cease this money-making enterprise? And the predictable answer is, no they won’t!

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