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Understanding NEC3/NEC4


Contracts Managers, Project Managers, Commercial Managers and Quantity Surveyors


The suite of contracts with options to suit the entire contractual chain.  The contract written in ordinary language, with simplicity and clarity! The contract that will stimulate good management.

  • What is a compensation event?
  • What is the Activity Schedule?
  • What is a core clause?

New terminology that is not in keeping with the traditional Forms of contract.


  • Core Clauses
  • Compensation Events
  • Payment
  • Activity Schedule
  • Programme
  • Dispute Management
  • The 'Options'
  • Contract Data
  • Testing and Defects
  • Secondary Option Clauses
  • The 'Z' Clauses


For information relating to costs, locations and dates of this training course please contact our admin team at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or call on  01252 624763

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Note: Employers who are registered as in-scope leviable with CITB, including those in-scope leviable employers who do not pay a Levy, may be able to claim a CITB grant of £50 per day. A further 10% supplementary payment is available for companies that pay a levy.

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