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New Construction Contractual Dispute Avoidance qualification






New Construction Contractual Dispute Avoidance qualification

June 2017 


We are really excited to announce that the Confederation has been collaborating with ARDEN University to develop a Construction Contractual Dispute Avoidance qualification. The qualification and course is now developed and we are now registering interest for a course later this year.


The course is made up of six units:

Introduction to Contracts, Supervising and Managing Specialist Construction Work, Obtaining Payment, An Alternative Form Contract, Handling Claims and Disputes, and Specialist Subcontract Management.


The course is set at Level 4, is thorough and substantial and is designed to provide a broad appeal to all construction staff who are involved with contracts. The course will give an in-depth understanding of contracts and the knowledge and confidence to use them to your company's advantage. Link to Leaflet


To register interest, contact:

Katy Barker (Membership and Training Co-ordinator)

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Tel: 01252 624763

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