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The Confederation's role in supporting its members includes the provision of services through an Associate member community, partnerships, collaborations, and in some cases formal joint-operations. To complement our training portfolio and campaigning efforts we also offer a range of services designed specifically to mirror the needs of construction specialists.

We seek, in all such agreements, to offer a structured and relevant resource of ‘value added’ services to provide optimum impact for none or minimal levels of investment. The services offered reflect this with certain services being free, others at a discounted rate for members and yet more on a ‘pay as you go’ basis.

Our Services Portfolio consists of:

Legal Advice & Guidance

The provision of a telephone based service for our members giving them access to free expert legal advice on all contractual matters relating, most often, to a recently received contract. Covering JCT, NEC3, and bespoke contracts our team of legal professionals are able to provide contemporary and relevant information about your contractual questions.




Credit Checking

Conscientious business practice includes knowing who you are dealing with on a financial basis. Ignoring the financial profile or credit worthiness of a business partner could potentially give rise to a series of problems that can impact negatively on a specific project or worse still your entire business. The Confederation has created a collaborative agreement with Top Service, a leading provider of credit data, to give Confederation members free access to a comprehensive credit checking capability. This service is typically offered ‘on demand’ to members resulting in a prompt turn-around time of (usually) less than one working day.


On-Demand Analysis Notes

A hybrid development from our original analysis service introduced very early on in the history of the Confederation. The on-demand analysis note is, as the name suggests, an ‘immediate’ resource (typically 72 hour turn-around) that provides members with a clause by clause analysis of a specific set of received contract terms and conditions. From JCT, NEC3/4 or bespoke contracts, the team of Confederation dedicated Associate members are available to assess detail and report on the onerous terms often found hidden inside complicated and amendment full contracts offered by Main Contractors.



Insurance and Warranties

The provision of quality securely underwritten insurance policies that provide coverage for your organisation and its employees is an essential ingredient in today’s modern construction projects. The Confederation recognises the need for a specialist insurance service offering sustainable and affordable insurance products is a vital element of the service our members seek.

To fulfil this need, the Confederation of Construction Specialists established a collaborative deal with the Construction Specialists Insurance Bureau (CSIB). An organisation that focuses entirely on the specialists sector providing a suite of suitable cost effective insurance and warranty services and other associated products.

For information about insurance and warranty services and other CSIB services – click here


Training Funding & Grants

Maximising a return on investment and the benefits achieved from training has seldom been more critical. The Confederation, in collaboration with CITB, provides advice and assistance in accessing all applicable funding and grant frameworks that are available to suitably qualified organisations. 

For further information about funding, grants and other CITB services – click here



Apprentices & Skills

With the construction industry recovering towards pre-2008 levels the requirement for well trained and experienced staff is strengthening. Any such increase in experience staff is often mirrored with an incremental increase in a requirement for apprentices and young people to meet the demand for increased labour to fulfil business growth prospects.

The Confederation has a strategic partnership in place with Leeds College of Building (LCB). Working in close collaboration with LCB the Confederation allows its members to access the ‘talent bank’ available from within the institution. 

For further information about the Confederation/LCB Collaboration – click here

BIM Advice & Guidance

Building Information Modelling (BIM) is rapidly becoming a central framework of capability that all Construction Specialists will need to be familiar with. The Government's deadline for BIM(2) compliance in Central Government contract provision in 2016 looms ever large.

To ensure that Confederation members are provided with the latest information and approaches being taken with BIM the organisation has aligned itself with BIM4SME, a leading entity in the development of BIM skills and knowledge within the Construction sector.

To find out more about BIM and ‘what you need to know’ – click here


Carbon Auditing

As businesses become more aware of the need to have sustainability and environmental practices clearly defined within their business model the need for auditable assessment, modification and maintenance have never been more relevant.

Today’s modern Construction firms must be able to demonstrate a clear and demonstrable policy and standards relating to your multiple facets of your business. One such highly relevant area is that of carbon utilisation. “Carbon footprints” are set to become a key differentiator between and within the specialist sector as more Clients, Employers and Main Contractors adopt and pursue appropriate sustainability strategies.

The Confederation of Construction Specialists, in collaboration with CO2 Balance, a leading provider of carbon support solutions, supports members with access to advice and assistance on Carbon Audits, Assessments and Offset options. Members utilising this service are eligible for member discount from CO2 Balance.

To find out more about Carbon Auditing – click here

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